Introduction to TradeX

Introduction to TradeX

What is TradeX?

TradeX is an information exchange platform for trading on future topics (like stocks, businesses, politics, weather, etc.) by predicting the outcome with a simple Yes or No. Pretty easy right? This is called an information market.

Now, while TradeX is designed as a trading app, you also get unbiased real-time information on everyday events that matter to you. [eg. helping you decide whether a movie is worth watching or not.]

Event: Liger to be a hit movie?

Majority of the traders bought NO two days before the movie launched.

What is an Information Market?

An Information Market is an electronic market where the negotiated product is information. This information is traded on its potential outcome of either Yes or No (i.e. Will this event happen?) The price of each side fluctuates in response to trading activity. When a user trades on either side, they own an event contract.

What is an Event Contract?

Event contracts are contracts between users who trade on active markets, based on the outcome of a future event. Contracts are priced from ₹ 1 to ₹ 100 and represent the probability you think the event will occur. Ultimately, each contract pays out ₹ 100 if the event happens, and ₹ 0 if not.