Weekly crypto price analysis 26th Nov: BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, ADA, DOGE

Based on the weekly crypto price analysis, the market seems to be consolidating as most of the cryptocurrencies trade around support levels. If this trend continues, we might be in a short-term bearish market.

Thanks to the FTX Collapse, Bitcoin's Price in November 2022 Looks to Join the 4 Previous Negative Novembers of the Past 11 Years

Since bitcoin’s price was first measured in fiat value in 2010, only four out of the 11 Novembers in bitcoin’s history have seen monthly declines.

RBI launches Digital rupee pilot programme: What is CBDC, how it works, features and other details

Digital Rupee: The money will be in virtual form just like other cryptocurrencies but the digital rupee will not be decentralised.

India's RBI to soon commence pilot project of digital rupee

The Reserve Bank of India will soon commence limited pilot launches of a central bank backed digital rupee for specific use cases, it said in a concept paper released on Friday.