This Settlement Source is for Metal commodities (Gold, Silver etc)

Daily Price for 24K Gold and Silver in India will be updated here.

All India Price for Metals

Commodity24K Gold / 10gmSilver / 1Kg
Day 119/05/2023₹60,870-330.00₹74,300-200.00
Day 220/05/2023₹61,420550.00₹75,3001,000.00
Day 321/05/2023₹61,4200.00₹75,3000.00
Day 422/05/2023₹61,410-10.00₹75,000-300.00
Day 523/05/2023₹61,100-310.00₹74,500-500.00
Day 624/05/2023₹61,360260.00₹74,050-450.00
Day 725/05/2023₹60,870-490.00₹73,050-1,000.00
Weekly Average₹61,207₹74,500

Last Week

Commodity24K Gold / 10gmSilver / 1Kg
Day 126/05/2023₹60,710-160.00₹72,900-150.00
Day 227/05/20230.000.00
Day 328/05/20230.000.00
Day 429/05/20230.000.00
Day 530/05/20230.000.00
Day 631/05/20230.000.00
Day 701/06/20230.000.00
Weekly Average₹60,710₹72,900

This Week

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