Welcome to TradeX's Smart Fund Investments.

What is the "Invest with Fund Manager" initiative?

  • invest with authorised fund managers and get your cut of the earnings everyday;
  • profits from your investments will be distributed on pro rata basis to you and all other users who have invested in the fund;
  • profits will reflect in your portfolio, and is redeemable only at the end of each day;
  • get fund reports & profit/loss statements on a daily basis over a private Whatsapp group.

Benefits of investing in a Fund Manager?

With the help of fund managers you can:

  • diversify your investments by investing in a wider range of securities;
  • reduce volatility of returns by pooling your funds with other investors in a managed fund;
  • have the potential to earn higher profits with an experienced investor.

How does it work?

example: Vikas is a Fund Manager. 20 traders invest a total of 500000 in Vikas's fund. He makes a profit of 30,000 and ends up with 530000 in his wallet post trading. His total profit is 6%.

You also invested 5000 with Vikas. Due to pro-rata, you earn 6% of 5000, which is 300. Total revenue = 5300.

How to add and withdraw money from a fund

  • Select a Fund Manager from the list below and make the deposit;
  • Upon payment, funds will be transferred to the Fund Manager's wallet for investment and then added to the pool;
  • Withdrawals are possible at the end of each day;
  • Redeeming your profits will debit the amount from the Fund Manager's account to yours (minus the handling fees);
  • All the cycles are day to day only from 9am to 1am. You can withdraw your money during off hours;
  • If you do not withdraw your amount, it will automatically get reinvested in the next day's trade.

Fund Managers

Dheeraj Goel

Dheeraj has been investing with TradeX for over 1.5 years. He has a total portfolio of over 10 lakhs across categories like Finance, Media & Sports. An avid investor on various platforms, Dheeraj is an authorised fund manager.

Return PercentageTotal Returns GeneratedRecommended Duration
18.20%₹1820010 days
Minimum InvestmentWin PercentageFund Size
Primary CategoryReturn Frequency