Aside from the benefit of having access to a side income from downloading Tradex, and collecting referral bonuses from your friends, Tradex also gives you ₹10 in your wallet as a joining bonus.

What to do with that ₹10? You can’t withdraw it as its sole purpose is to give you a taste of the trading app without having to put in your own money. And besides, it’s too small an amount to withdraw.

So why not try your skills of trading instead?

Step 1: Begin by scrolling through the Markets tab and looking for events of your interest. Something that you have the basic knowledge of like Crypto, Politics, Sports or US stocks.

Step 2: Once you’ve finalised an event that appeals to you, check its settlement date and time. If there’s enough time left before the event expires, you’ve found yourself an event. If not, repeat the process till you find one.

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Step 3: Visit the settlement link to see where the event stands. If you’ve selected a YouTube range event, go and check the views of the video.

For eg., if you’re looking at an event that will end in 6 hours, and requires 50K views, the chances are quite likely for it to happen. So you’d place your order on YES. With Yes being at ₹71.92 per share, you would be able to purchase 0.14 shares.

Now, when the price of Yes reaches ₹99 (since the event is most likely going to happen), your shares will be worth ₹13.86, giving you a profit of ₹3.86. You can either sell and book your profit or wait for the event to settle.

Tradex pays 100 INR for every correct share owned at the time of event settlement. So, for owning 0.14 shares, you’ll get a payout of ₹14, giving you a profit of ₹4.

In the same scenario, if you invested ₹100 instead of ₹10, your profits would be ₹40.

So, are you ready to #TradeOnThatThought ?