This Settlement Source is for Agriculture commodities (Onion, Tomato, Potato).

Daily Average retail price data will be updated here.

All India Average Retail Price

Day 117/03/2023₹19.23-0.22₹23.49-0.18₹23.53-0.29
Day 218/03/2023₹18.84-0.39₹22.90-0.59₹23.05-0.48
Day 319/03/2023₹18.03-0.81₹21.77-1.13₹21.27-1.78
Day 420/03/2023₹19.211.18₹23.541.77₹23.602.33
Day 521/03/2023₹19.280.07₹23.620.08₹23.780.18
Day 622/03/2023₹18.74-0.54₹23.31-0.31₹23.34-0.44
Day 723/03/2023₹19.010.27₹23.540.23₹23.910.57
Weekly Average₹18.91₹23.17₹23.21

Last Week

Day 124/03/2023₹18.94-0.07₹23.28-0.26₹23.68-0.23
Day 225/03/2023₹18.37-0.57₹22.45-0.83₹22.66-1.02
Day 326/03/2023₹17.44-0.93₹21.45-1.00₹21.11-1.55
Day 427/03/2023₹18.971.53₹23.321.87₹23.552.44
Day 528/03/2023₹18.86-0.11₹23.30-0.02₹23.680.13
Day 629/03/20230.000.000.00
Day 730/03/20230.000.000.00
Weekly Average₹18.52₹22.76₹22.94

This Week

Note: Values shown in the above chart are taken from the data sources mentioned below. Please re-verify the values before placing bids.

Data Source :

Disclaimer: Price data reported by State/UTs on Saturday, Sunday and holidays are subjected to verification on the next working day. Till such time the figures are to be treated as provisional.